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The Twenty Second International Conference and Exhibition "LIBCOM-2018"
"Information Technologies, Computer Systems and Publications for Libraries"
«TOURCENTER» Tourist and Hotel Complex, Suzdal, Vladimir Region, Russia
November 26–30, 2018
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Scientometrics, bibliometrics, open data and publications in science

Preliminary program of the conference

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Viva-voce paper

O. Belyavsky

Web of Science and Scopus bibliometric databases for studying Russian researcher publication activities

Viva-voce paper


SciHub and full-text databases: A statistical aspect

Viva-voce paper

Yakov Shrayberg

Open data in library and information services to offer to scientists and professionals

Viva-voce paper

N. Mazov and V. Gureev

Academic mobility as a subject of scientometric measurements: Reviewing publications

Viva-voce paper

V. Gureev.

Practical bibliometrics: New vectors for scientific libraries

Viva-voce paper

M. Goncharov, I. Mikhailenko and K. Ivina

Methods of building the bibliographies of recommended journals in artificial intelligence

Viva-voce paper

A. Zemskov and K. Kolosov

Using bibliometrics in libraries

Viva-voce paper

V. Pislyakov

The golden open access from the bibliometric perspective All is not gold that glitters

Viva-voce paper

N. Trishchenko

Open access and publication activities measurements

Viva-voce paper

A. Brodovsky, E. Zaitseva, Yu. Zaslavsky and B. Marshak

Information system of Higher Attestation Commission’s archival documents—results of the year 2018

Viva-voce paper

K. Kolosov

Analyzing statistics of using e-catalog in 2018

Viva-voce paper

N. Mazov

Changing bibliometric values during researcher’s career

Viva-voce paper

I. Mikhailenko

Users’ evaluating publications in RNPLS&T’s collections and acquiring data on authors and disciplines popularity

Viva-voce paper

E. Lindeman and N. Mazurik

Promoting the RNPLS&T’s Scientific and Technical Libraries journal to the Web of Science «Emerging Sources Citation Index»

Viva-voce paper

K. Borgoyakova, E. Bycjkova, A. Zemskov and I. Kondrasheva

Bibliometric analysis of scientific publications in ecology based on the abstracts database — new results

Poster paper

V. Zverevich

Bibliometrics in foreign libraries

Poster paper

Mikhail Goncharov

On building thematic bibliographies of the most demanded scientific journals

Poster paper

K. Borgoyakova

Bibliometric analysis of the publications by MSIC [Moscow State Institute of Culture] post-graduates


Program Committee Chair — Mikhail Goncharov



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